Painting by Valery Koroshilov
Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm. Corporate Collection, UK

I believe the context of a painting only matters if it’s inspired by the poetic intuition, and therefore, it is addressed to the poetic perception. I paint simple objects like vases and pumpkins, pots and glasses, quietly interacting. I use them to indicate a certain attitude to the human emotion. I find it most challenging to express the subtleties of the human condition in almost any object around. But when it happens, I find it also most exciting. That is where my inspiration comes from.
The compositional focus of this picture is a striking collision of the two reds: a heavy monumental cube of the box, and a light and elegant tulip of the postcard. Sharp diagonal shadows add to the dramatic atmosphere of the painting.

Composition, III is a part of a triptych showing a fragment of the artist’s Studio with my favourite shapes, colours textures, and reflections.